Emergency Home Repair Program

The Emergency Home Repair (EHR) program is designed to repair plumbing, heating and electrical problems that pose an immediate danger to the health and safety of low-income Denver homeowners. The program provides deferred loans. Deferred loans are due upon sale or refinance of the house or when the owner ceases to occupy the home.

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Eligible Improvements

Loan funds from the EHR Program can be used to make essential emergency home repairs such as roofing and gutters, heating, electrical, plumbing, insulation, and sewer line replacement.

Eligible Improvements Eligible Improvements Eligible Improvements Eligible Improvements
Eligible Improvements

how to qualify & apply

To qualify for the EHR Program, you must be a Denver resident, own and live in your home, and have a household income at or below the thresholds listed in the tables below.

How to Apply
If you think you may qualify, call DURA at 303-534-3872.

Income Guidelines

Family SizeMax Income
1 $28,050
2 $32,050
3 $36,050
4 $40,050
5 $43,300
6 $46,500
7 $49,700
8 $52,900

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