The Urban Renewal Plan

The Urban Renewal Plan

Once it has been determined that an area is blighted, the next step is the drafting of an Urban Renewal Plan and the formation of an Urban Renewal Area by Denver City Council.  The purpose of the Plan is to identify the blight conditions present in the area and to describe the plan for improving these conditions. The formation of the Urban Renewal Area authorizes DURA to use its powers of tax increment financing and (sometimes) eminent domain to implement the Plan.  Often a tax increment financing (TIF) area is set at the same time, but it can be set at a later date.

Before the City and DURA decide to assist with a redevelopment project, it should be clear that the completed project will be a desirable outcome for the city and the surrounding community.  First and foremost, the planned redevelopment should eliminate the blighted conditions that have been identified.  For example, if a site is found to be environmentally contaminated or to have poor pedestrian access, the planned redevelopment should address these issues. Second, the planned redevelopment must be in keeping with the vision and goals laid out for the area by the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Blue Print Denver, and/or any relevant small area plans or corridor plans. As part of the process, DURA will hold at least one community meeting to review the proposed redevelopment plan and every redevelopment project undertaken by DURA is reviewed by the Denver Planning Board to determine whether it conforms with the city’s Comprehensive Plan. Once a redevelopment plan has the Planning Board’s approval, it moves to City Council where it receives two hearings – preliminary Council action and then a public hearing followed by final Council action.

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